Frequently asked questions

Do I need to book a consultation?

In-person consultations are absolutely free! Though not mandatory, everything can easily be discussed via email through The fastest way to book a consult is to text 1-780-243-4224

What types of payment are accepted?

Email transfer and cash are the only accepted payment methods at this moment! Thank you for supporting a local independant artist.

Is there a deposit policy in place?

Yes deposits are required for every tattoo! Deposit prices vary depending on each piece. All tattoos are done at an hourly rate with exception to specific free rein large flat rate pieces. There is a minimum 3 hr booking to every tattoo appointment. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and is a binding contract committing to getting the piece. Deposit is void if there are appointment no-shows, or unreasonable cancellations/reschedulings. If you are starting a large piece (sleeves, backpieces, etc.) there is a mandatory booking of a FULLDAY once a month until completion or you will forfeit the deposit. (Exceptions are severe illness/pregnancy) Deposits are for tattoos agreed upon during the consultation or email conversing. Complete changes of ideas will result in a forfeited deposit. There is no charge for the artwork created, this deposit is reassurance for the artist that their hours of devoted time spent drawing a completely unique and intricate piece will be used for a completed tattoo.

Is Katanna Tattoo Health Board approved?

Most definitely, This private studio is proud to be a completely disposable space. Everything that is used during a tattoo session will be discarded and properly disposed of. Katanna has been working with Alberta Health Services for her entire career as a tattoo artist and has always stood by a disposable space over sterilization of reusable tubes. This way there is absolutely no risk of cross contamination by reusing material, this gives an unwavering peace of mind for both client and artist! You can see the AHS inspection reviews displayed in the studio. Only one client is in the space at a time offering the most privacy possible.

I've submitted my request with no response?

Katanna will review the project for consideration. Please check her portfolio to get an idea of styles she is open to doing as she will seek out the most interesting and challenging products created through her inspiration. Katanna is always booking a couple months if not further ahead so it is important to email as soon as possible with ideas as appointments are booked on a first come first serve basis with appropiate attention to style of the project. Since there are so many inquiries that come in there is appreciated patience towards waiting for a response. Email is handled twice a week but if you ever have any questions that need a quicker response feel free to text 1-780-243-4224

Tattoo drawings?

Tattoo artwork is done by the appointment date. Please note that Katanna draws everything to its highest translatable form from concept to tattoo in her style unique for each client. Considering all factors of composition for body placement and idea to create the best possible individualized piece. Whatever minor revisions that would be needed will be easier to do together in person during the first session booked.